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Ruby Conferences ‘n’ Camps in 2018 - What’s Upcoming?

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Gem Developer's Guide
by Nick Quaranto, Eric Hodel, et al
How I Start - Let's Build a Gem Together!
by Steve Klabnik
Hoe Developer's Guide - Build, Package and Publish Gems with Rake Tasks - Ready-to-Use Build Scripts
by Ryan Davis, et al
Sinatra Intro
by Chris Schneider, Zachary Scott, et al
Best of Practicing Ruby
by Gregory Brown, Luke Francl, Magnus Holm, Aaron Patterson, Solomon White, et al
Programming Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains
by Gerald Bauer, et al
Gem Series ++ Project Automation & Database Documentation Tools
by Gerald Bauer, et al
Gem Series ++ Web Services (HTTP JSON APIs) the Modern Micro Way
by Gerald Bauer, et al
Net::HTTP by Example / Net::HTTP Cheat Sheet
by August Lilleaas, et al
FizzBuzz (1, 2, Fizz, 4, Buzz,...) by Example - There's More Than One Way To Do It
by Tom Dalling, Paweł Świątkowski, et al
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Fri 26
Ruby on Ice
Jan/26-28 (3d) Fri-Sun @ Tegernsee, Bavaria, Germany • (Updates)


Thu 1
Feb/1-3 (3d) Thu-Sat @ Cape Town, South Africa • (Updates)
Fri 9
RubyConf India
Feb/9+10 (2d) Fri+Sat @ Bengaluru, India • (Updates)


Thu 8
RubyConf Australia
Mar/8+9 (2d) Thu+Fri @ Sydney, Australia • (Updates)
Thu 15
RubyConf Philippines
Mar/15-17 (3d) Thu-Sat @ Manila, Philippines • (Updates)
Fri 16
wroc_love.rb (€60)
Mar/16-18 (3d) Fri-Sun @ Wrocław, Poland • (Updates)
Thu 22
Bath Ruby (£199/£59 - Regular/Student)
Mar/22+23 (2d) Thu+Fri @ Bath, England, United Kingdom • (Updates)


Fri 13
Isle of Ruby Registration open (£199)
Apr/13-15 (3d) Fri-Sun @ Exeter, England, United Kingdom • (Updates)
Tue 17
RailsConf ($600)
Apr/17-19 (3d) Tue-Thu @ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States • (Updates)
Sat 21
RubyConf Belarus (BYN 240/170 - Regular/Early)
Apr/21 (1d) Sat @ Minsk, Belarus • (Updates)
Fri 27
Ruby X Elixir Conf Taiwan
Apr/27+28 (2d) Fri+Sat @ Taipei, Taiwan • (Updates)


Thu 3
Rubyhack CFP open ($199/149 - Regular/Early)
May/3+4 (2d) Thu+Fri @ Salt Lake City, Utah, United States • (Updates)
Sat 5
Ruby Unconf Hamburg (€65/45 - Regular/Early)
May/5+6 (2d) Sat+Sun @ Hamburg, Germany • (Updates)
Fri 11
Ruby Open Source Software (ROSS) Conf Amsterdam Registration is open (FREE)
May/11+12 (2d) Fri+Sat @ Amsterdam, the Netherlands • (Updates)
Fri 25
Balkan Ruby (€99/89 - Regular/Early)
May/25+26 (2d) Fri+Sat @ Sofia, Bulgaria • (Updates)
Thu 31
May/31-Jun/2 (3d) Thu-Sat @ Sendai, Miyagi, Japan • (Updates)


Sat 2
Kyiv RubyC
Jun/2+3 (2d) Sat+Sun @ Kyiv, Ukraine • (Updates)
Thu 7
Ruby for Good
Jun/7-10 (3d) Thu-Sun @ Washington D.C. (District of Columbia), United States • (Updates)
Sat 16
Gotham Ruby Conference (GoRuCo) ($399/$299 - Regular/Early)
Jun/16 (1d) Sat @ Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States • (Updates)
Thu 28
Paris.rb XXL CFP open
Jun/28+29 (2d) Thu+Fri @ Paris, France • (Updates)
Thu 28
RubyConf Kenya CFP closes Apr/2 2018
Jun/28-30 (3d) Thu-Sat @ Nairobi, Kenya • (Updates)


Fri 6
Brighton Ruby (£139)
Jul/6 (1d) Fri @ Brighton, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom • (Updates)


Thu 2
Southeast Ruby
Aug/2+3 (2d) Thu+Fri @ Nashville, Tennessee, United States • (Updates)
Sat 4
Deccan RubyConf
Aug/4 (1d) Sat @ Pune, Maharashtra, India • (Updates)
Sat 18
RailsCamp West ($450 - Early)
Aug/18-21 (4d) Sat-Tue @ Lake Tahoe, California, United States • (Updates)
Fri 24
European Ruby Konference (EuRuKo)
Aug/24+25 (2d) Fri+Sat @ Vienna, Austria • (Updates)




Tue 13
Nov/13-15 (3d) Tue-Thu @ Los Angeles, California, United States • (Updates)


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