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Awesome Ruby Conferences & Camps

A collection of awesome Ruby conferences, camps, and more from around the world

Contributions welcome. Anything missing? Send in a pull request. Thanks.

Conferences & Camps

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What’s On? What’s Up?

Note: Use the “live” whatson command line tool. Type:

$ rubyconf

resulting in (†):

Upcoming Ruby Conferences:

  in 37d  Ruby on Ice Conference, Fri-Sun Jan/26-28 (3d) @ Tegernsee, Bavaria (near Munich / München) > Germany / Deutschland > Central Europe > Europe
  in 43d  RubyFuza, Thu-Sat Feb/1-3 (3d) @ Cape Town > South Africa > Africa
  in 51d  RubyConf India, Fri+Sat Feb/9+10 (2d) @ Bengaluru > India > Asia
  in 78d  RubyConf Australia, Thu+Fri Mar/8+9 (2d) @ Sydney > Australia > Pacific / Oceania
  in 85d  RubyConf Philippines, Thu-Sat Mar/15-17 (3d) @ Manila > Philippines / Pilipinas > Asia
  in 86d  wroc_love.rb, Fri-Sun Mar/16-18 (3d) @ Wroclaw > Poland > Central Europe > Europe
  in 92d  Bath Ruby Conference, Thu+Fri Mar/22+23 (2d) @ Bath, Somerset > England > Western Europe > Europe
  in 118d  RailsConf, Tue-Thu Apr/17-19 (3d) @ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania > United States > North America > America
  in 128d  RubyConf Taiwan, Fri+Sat Apr/27+28 (2d) @ Taipei > Taiwan > Asia
  in 134d  Rubyhack: High Altitude Coding Konference, Thu+Fri May/3+4 (2d) @ Salt Lake City, Utah > Southwest > United
tates > North America > America
  in 156d  Balkan Ruby Conference, Fri+Sat May/25+26 (2d) @ Sofia > Bulgaria > Eastern Europe > Europe
  in 162d  RubyKaigi, Thu-Sat May/31-Jun/2 (3d) @ Sendai > Japan > Asia
  in 184d  RubyConf Kenya, Fri Jun/22 (1d) @ Nairobi > Kenya > Africa
  in 190d  Paris.rb XXL Conf, Thu+Fri Jun/28+29 (2d) @ Paris > France > Western Europe > Europe

(†): on December, 20th in 2017 :-).


The awesome list is dedicated to the public domain. Use it as you please with no restrictions whatsoever.

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