What’s the World Factbook?

The World Factbook [1][2] published by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) offers free country profiles in the public domain (that is, no copyright(s), no rights reserved).

What’s the factbook gem?

The factbook gem ships with scripts for the world factbook that let you turn web pages into open structured data e.g JSON and friends. Example:

To get the country profile page for Austria as a hash (that is, structured data e.g. nested key/values) use:

page = Factbook::Page.new( 'at' )   # at is the country code for Austria
pp page.data                        # pretty print hash

To save the hash to disk as JSON use:

page = Factbook::Page.new( 'at' )
File.open( 'at.json', 'w') do |f|
  f.write page.to_json( pretty: true )

Resulting in:

  "intro": {
    "background": {
      "text": "Once the center of power for the large Austro-Hungarian Empire,
               Austria was reduced to a small republic after its defeat in World War ..."
  "geo": {
    "location": {
      "text": "Central Europe, north of Italy and Slovenia"
    "geographic_coordinates": {
      "text": "47 20 N, 13 20 E"
    "map_references": {
      "text": "Europe"
    "area": {
      "total": "83,871 sq km",
      "land": "82,445 sq km",
      "water": "1,426 sq km"
    "area_comparative": {
      "text": "slightly smaller than Maine"
    "land_boundaries": {
      "total": "2,562 km",
      "border_countries": "Czech Republic 362 km, Germany 784 km, Hungary 366 km, Italy 430 km, Liechtenstein 35 km, Slovakia 91 km, Slovenia 330 km, Switzerland 164 km"
    "coastline": {
      "text": "0 km (landlocked)"
    "maritime_claims": {
      "text": "none (landlocked)"
    "climate": {
      "text": "temperate; continental, cloudy; cold winters with frequent rain and some snow in lowlands and snow in mountains; moderate summers with occasional showers"
    "terrain": {
      "text": "in the west and south mostly mountains (Alps); along the eastern and northern margins mostly flat or gently sloping"
    "elevation_extremes": {
      "lowest_point": "Neusiedler See 115 m",
      "highest_point": "Grossglockner 3,798 m"
    "natural_resources": {
      "text": "oil, coal, lignite, timber, iron ore, copper, zinc, antimony, magnesite, tungsten, graphite, salt, hydropower"

Note: The World Factbook includes 267 entries - 195 sovereign countries, 2 others, 58 dependencies, 6 miscellaneous, 5 oceans, and 1 world profile.

That’s it.

Bonus: Ready-To-Use Public Domain Factbook Datasets

openmundi/factbook.json - open (public domain) factbook country profiles in JSON for all the world’s countries (using internet domain names for country codes e.g. Austria is at.json not au.json, Germany is de.json not gm.json and so on)

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