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Ruby Conferences ‘n’ Camps in 2018 - What’s Upcoming?

An awesome collection about ruby events (incl. conferences, camps, and more):

Ruby on Ice Registration is open CFP is closed
Jan/26-Jan/28 (3d) Fri-Sun @ Tegernsee, Bavaria, Germany • (Updates)
Rubyfuza Registration is open CFP is open
Feb/ 1-Feb/ 3 (3d) Thu-Sat @ Cape Town, South Africa • (Updates)
RubyConf India CFP closes Dec/15 2017
Feb/ 9+Feb/10 (2d) Fri+Sat @ Bengaluru, India • (Updates)
RubyConf Australia CFP closes Oct/26 2017
Mar/ 8+Mar/ 9 (2d) Thu+Fri @ Sydney, Australia • (Updates)
RubyConf Philippines CFP closes Dec/ 7 2017
Mar/15-Mar/17 (3d) Thu-Sat @ Manila, Philippines • (Updates)
Mar/16-Mar/18 (3d) Fri-Sun @ Wrocław, Poland • (Updates)
Bath Ruby
Mar/22+Mar/23 (2d) Thu+Fri @ Bath, England, United Kingdom • (Updates)
Isle of Ruby CFP closes Feb/ 4 2018
Apr/13-Apr/15 (3d) Fri-Sun @ Exeter, England, United Kingdom • (Updates)
RailsConf CFP closes Jan/19 2018
Apr/17-Apr/19 (3d) Tue-Thu @ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States • (Updates)
Ruby X Elixir Conf Taiwan CFP closes Dec/31 2017
Apr/27+Apr/28 (2d) Fri+Sat @ Taipei, Taiwan • (Updates)
Rubyhack CFP open
May/ 3+May/ 4 (2d) Thu+Fri @ Salt Lake City, Utah, United States • (Updates)
Balkan Ruby CFP closes Feb/14 2018
May/25+May/26 (2d) Fri+Sat @ Sofia, Bulgaria • (Updates)
RubyKaigi CFP closes Feb/28 2018
May/31-Jun/ 2 (3d) Thu-Sat @ Sendai, Miyagi, Japan • (Updates)
Paris.rb XXL CFP open
Jun/28+Jun/29 (2d) Thu+Fri @ Paris, France • (Updates)
RubyConf Kenya CFP closes Apr/ 2 2018
Upcoming this summer in June @ Nairobi, Kenya • (Updates)
Brighton Ruby
Jul/ 6 (1d) Fri @ Brighton, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom • (Updates)
RailsCamp West
Aug/18-Aug/21 (4d) Sat-Tue @ Lake Tahoe, California, United States • (Updates)
European Ruby Conference (EuRuKo)
Upcoming this summer @ Vienna, Austria • (Updates)
Nov/13-Nov/15 (3d) Tue-Thu @ Los Angeles, California, United States • (Updates)
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