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Ruby 2.5 - Dec 25th, 2017 - What’s News?

An awesome collection about ruby 2.5 news:

It's Official - Ruby 2.5.0 Released
First stable release in the Ruby 2.5 series
Ruby 2.5.0 Changes
Official changes since the 2.4.0 release
Standard Gems 2.5.0 - Default Gems, Bundled Gems
by Jan Lelis, Idiosyncratic Ruby
10 New Features in Ruby 2.5
by Junichi Ito, Ruby programmer @ SonicGarden.jp
10 More New Features in Ruby 2.5
by Tom Lord, Software Developer from London
Performance Improvements in Ruby 2.5
by Jesus Castello, Ruby Guides
How Much Faster is Ruby 2.5.0 Preview 1?
by Noah Gibbs, Appfolio
yield_self in Ruby 2.5
by Michał Łomnicki
Improved stacktrace display in Ruby 2.5
by Michał Łomnicki
Ruby 2.5 Series
by Amit Choudhary, Mohit Natoo et al @ BigBinary
What's new in Ruby 2.5
by Nimmy Vipin, Red Panthers
Ruby 2.5 is out - Let's benchmark
by Thomas Leitner, HexaPDF
Changes in Ruby 2.5
by Kir Shatrov, Production Engineer @ Shopify
What's New in Ruby 2.5?
by Nithin Bekal, Programmer from Ottawa @ Shopify
New Features in Ruby 2.5
by Rodrigo Ponce de León, Ruby developer @ WyeWorks
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