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Ruby 3x3 - Ruby 3 Will Be 3 Times Faster - What’s News?

An awesome collection about ruby 3x3 news, benchmarks and more:

Ruby 3x3 @ Awesome Rubies
What's Ruby 3x3? What's Optcarrot?
Official Rubies 3x3 Benchmark with Optcarrot
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator benchmark - running w/ 20 fps in Ruby 2 and w/ 60 fps in Ruby 3 (3x faster!)
MJIT Infrastructure Accepted into Ruby 2.6
JIT worker thread, profiler, gcc/clang compiler support, loading function from shared object file, some hooks to ensure; Dec 2017
Ruby 3 and JIT: Where, When and How Fast?
by Noah Gibbs, Appfolio, Dec 2017
How's Progress on Ruby 3x3?
by Noah Gibbs, Appfolio, Dec 2017
Towards Ruby 3x3 Performance - Introducing RTL and MJIT
by Vladimir Makarov, Red Hat, Sept 2017, Talk @ RubyKaigi 2017 on register transfer language (RTL) and method JIT (MJIT)
OptCarrot: An Excellent CPU Benchmark for Ruby 3x3
by Noah Gibbs, Appfolio, Sept 2017
Running Optcarrot, a Ruby NES emulator, at 150 fps with the GUI!
by Benoit Daloze, Oracle Labs @ Johannes Kepler University, Nov 2016
Ruby 3x3: Q&A w/ Matz, Koichi, and Tenderlove
On the guild proposal, just-in-time (JIT) compilation the future of ruby performance by Jonan Scheffler, Heroku, Nov 2016
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