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Day 5 - footty Gem - Who’s Playing Today? Print Upcoming or Yesterday’s Matches for the European Football Championship (“Euro”) 2020 (in 2021) Using the Shell / Command Line

Written by geraldb Gerald Bauer

What’s the footty gem?

The footty gem ships with the footty command line tool that lets you query the online football.db HTTP JSON API services for upcoming or past matches.

Euro 2020 - 24 National Teams, 6 Groups - June 11th to July 11th 2021 - Who’s Playing Today?

Let’s try:

$ footty              # Defaults to today's euro 2020 (in 2021) matches

prints on Jun/14 2021:

#20 Mon Jun/14         Scotland (SCO)   vs   Czech Republic (CZE)   Group D / Matchday 1
#25 Mon Jun/14           Poland (POL)   vs   Slovakia (SVK)         Group E / Matchday 1
#26 Mon Jun/14            Spain (ESP)   vs   Sweden (SWE)           Group E / Matchday 1

and on the next day with footty yesterday:

#20 Mon Jun/14         Scotland (SCO) 0-2 (0-1) Czech Republic (CZE)   Group D / Matchday 1
#25 Mon Jun/14           Poland (POL) 1-2 (0-1) Slovakia (SVK)         Group E / Matchday 1
#26 Mon Jun/14            Spain (ESP) 0-0       Sweden (SWE)           Group E / Matchday 1

prints on Jun/15 2021:

#31 Tue Jun/15          Hungary (HUN)    vs    Portugal (POR)         Group F / Matchday 1
#32 Tue Jun/15           France (FRA)    vs    Germany (GER)          Group F / Matchday 1

and so on. Use tomorrow or t or +1 to print tomorrow’s matches e.g.:

$ footty tomorrow    # -or-
$ footty t

Use yesterday or y or -1 to print yesterday’s matches e.g.:

$ footty yesterday    # -or-
$ footty y

Use upcoming or up or u to print all upcoming matches e.g.:

$ footty upcoming    # -or-
$ footty up

Use past or p to print all past matches e.g.:

$ footty past    # -or-
$ footty p

That’s it. Enjoy the beautiful game.

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