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journaltxt library and command line tool - Blogging Reinvented: Read Journal.TXT - Single-Text File Journals - and Write Out (Auto-Build) a Blog (w/ Jekyll Posts etc.)

github: journaltxt/journaltxt, rubygems: journaltxt, rdoc: journaltxt

What’s Journal.TXT?

Use the single-file Journal.TXT format to write your blog posts / journal entries. Example:

year:  2017
month: July
day:   Mon 17

Jumping on tram #1 in front of the Staatsoper (state opera house).
Circling the Ringstrasse (grand boulevard vienna ring road)
for a great tour with a public transport ticket.
Passing the Hofburg (imperial palace), Parlament,
Burggarten (imperial court's garden),
Rathaus (city council), Burgtheater (imperial court's theatre),
Vienna University, and more. [...]

day:   Tue 18

Visiting the imperial palace Schönbrunn - the former summer residence
of the Habsburg family.
Taking an inside tour of the 1 441-room baroque palace.
Enjoying the Neptune Fountain and sculptures in the public garden. [...]

day:   Wed 19

Visiting the Sigmund Freud Museum in Bergstrasse 9. Too much culture -
need a beer therapy soon.
Passing through the Palais Lichtenstein to the
Beaver Brewing Co. (Liechtensteinstraße 69). [...]

(Source: samples/Vienna.txt)

Try the journaltxt or jo (shortened alternate) command line tool e.g.:

$ journaltxt --help

Usage: journaltxt [OPTS] [JOURNAL.TXT FILES...]
    -v, --[no-]verbose               Show debug messages
    -o, --output=PATH                Output path (default: .)
    -n, --name=NAME                  Journal name (default: Journal)
        --[no-]date                  Add date to page title (default: true)
    -h, --help                       Prints this help

For example, to auto-build all posts for a static Jekyll website / blog in the YYYY-MM-DD-title.md format from a single-file in the Journal.TXT format e.g. Vienna.txt use:

$ journaltxt --output=_posts Vienna.txt
$ journaltxt -o _posts Vienna.txt
$ jo -o _posts Vienna.txt

resulting in:

Writing entry 1/3 >Vienna - Day 1< to ./_posts/2017-07-17-vienna.md...
Writing entry 2/3 >Vienna - Day 2< to ./_posts/2017-07-18-vienna.md...
Writing entry 3/3 >Vienna - Day 3< to ./_posts/2017-07-19-vienna.md...

That’s it. See the live auto-built Vienna.TXT Blog »

Tip: If you run the Journal.TXT command line tool in the folder with a single-file in the Journal.TXT format named journal.txt than you can use:

$ journaltxt
$ jo

Happy writing. Happy publishing.

Bonus: Add Your Perfect Day!

Berlin.TXT, Munich.TXT, Salzburg.TXT, Paris.TXT, London.TXT, Rome.TXT, New York.TXT, Austin.TXT, Tornoto.TXT, Calgary.TXT, Melbourne.TXT, Sydney.TXT, … - Anyone? Write your perfect day(s) in a single-text file with Journal.TXT.

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