News Update: awesome-sqlite - A collection of awesome SQLite tools, scripts, extensions, books, etc.

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Ruby Gem of the Week Series »

  • Week #17 - datapak gem - work with tabular data packages (.csv files w/ datapackage.json) using SQLite (w/ ActiveRecord)
  • Week #16 - tilt gem - let's build (yet another) micro web framework in less than 33 lines of code
  • Week #15 - beerdb gem - serving a Guinness Irish Stout or a Bamberg Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen as JSON w/ Ruby
  • and many more

Ruby Books & Screencasts »

  • Text Processing with Ruby: Extract Value from the Data That Surrounds You
  • Learn Game Programming with Ruby: Bring Your Ideas to Life with Gosu
  • Ruby Cookbook: Recipes for Object-Oriented Scripting
  • and many more

Awesome Ruby Events »

A collection of awesome Ruby events (meetups, conferences, camps, etc.) from around the world

Awesome Rubies »

A collection of awesome Rubies (compilers, interpreters, virtual machines, parsers, doc generators, version managers, etc.)

Awesome ActiveRecord »

A collection of awesome ActiveRecord goodies, libraries, tools, extensions, guides, etc.

Ruby Links & Bookmarks »

  • Idiosyncratic Ruby - A 31 parts story about Ruby specialities
  • How I Start Series - Ruby Edition - Let's build a Ruby gem together
  • Learn Ruby in Y Minutes - A whirlwind tour of Ruby - learnruby.rb
  • and many more

Open Source Ruby & Rails Apps »

  • sportweb - Instant Open Sports Web Browser (Server) e.g. Use $ sportweb football.db
  • - 250 Country Codes (Alpha2, Alpha3, TLDs, etc.) - Sinatra Web App
  • and many more

Ruby Star of the Month Series (The World's Greatest Rubyists) »

  • Ruby Star #2015.2 - Floor Drees - What if you could code all summer long?!
  • Ruby Star #2015.1 - Ryan Davis - Polishing Ruby Since 2000
  • and many more