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Ruby Books 'n' Screencasts

Welcome. The Ruby Books 'n' Screencasts page lists books and screencasts about all things Ruby.

Edit Me! Contributions Welcome

Any goodies missing? New books, screencasts and tips always welcome. Send in a pull request or open an issue ticket to get the conversation started and the book or screencast posted on Planet Ruby. The data gets stored as plain text in YAML. Example:

- title:     "Ruby Under a Microscope - An Illustrated Guide to Ruby Internals"
  author:    Pat Shaughnessy"
  cover:     2013/ruby-under-a-microscope.png
  publisher: No Starch Press
  date:      Nov 2013
  pages:     360 pages

(Source: books/ruby_core.yml)


Ruby Style / Design Guides

Ruby Internals / Metaprogramming

Ruby with Java / JRuby

Ruby on Rails

More (Advanced) Ruby on Rails