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Ruby Gem of the Week Series

Welcome. The Ruby Gem of the Week series presents a new Ruby library every week on Thursday.

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Week #17 - datapak gem - work with tabular data packages (.csv files w/ datapackage.json) using SQLite (w/ ActiveRecord)
Week #16 - tilt gem - let's build (yet another) micro web framework in less than 33 lines of code
Week #15 - beerdb gem - serving a Guinness Irish Stout or a Bamberg Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen as JSON w/ Ruby
Week #14 - html-proofer gem - auto-proofread (check and validate) your hypertext (HTML) pages
Week #13 - props gem - yet another config (INI) reader in Ruby
Week #12 - logutils gem - yet another (lightweight, simple) logging library in Ruby
Week #11 - worldlite gem - lightweight public domain country data (all data included as good ol' ruby code)
Week #10 - annotate gem - annotate your ActiveRecord models with comments about your table structure
Week #9 - state_machine(s) gem - model processes and work flows with finite state machines (FSM) and automata theory
Week #8 - rails-erd gem - generate entity-relationship diagrams (ERD) for your activerecord models
Week #7 - gli gem - git-like interfaces for awesome command-line tools
Week #6 - schemadoc gem - auto-generate your database schema docs for tables, columns, etc.
Week #5 - feedparser gem - web feed parser and normalizers (for RSS 2.0, Atom, n friends)
Week #4 - kramdown gem - turn easy-to-read and easy-to-write wiki-style plain text in markdown into hypertext
Week #3 - slideshow gem - a free web alternative to PowerPoint and Keynote in Ruby
Week #2 - hoe gem - build, package and publish gems with hoe rake tasks
Week #1 - factbook gem - turn the world factbook into open structured data e.g JSON